Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Learned Wednesday: Thursday Edition

The girls are starting to talk up a storm. They have a few words they repeat over and over again. Becoming more receptive to trying to repeat words I say. I have slipped a couple "mofo's" in there, I couldn't help myself. But it's all fun and games until one of your kids goes up to the Jehovah's Witness that won't leave me alone and call them a mofo. It hasn't happened...yet. A favorite word in this house is 'baby'. All children are 'baby' and most inanimate objects as well. Caroline came up to me while I was scratching my stomach, looked at it, slapped it and said "Baby?". Uhm, no sweetheart. Not baby. That's half of an almond kringle. Now I'm going to wallow and eat the other half.
Every year I totally geek out over rummage sales. I come from a long line of "thrify people", otherwise known as cheapskates, so I love me some deals. I was popping tags with $20 in my pocket way before it was cool. But every year I get disappointed. With Craigslist, every rummage sounds like a bargain bin at the Pitt/Jolie house. But I'll reiterate how disappointing they can turn out. If you are going to caps lock "NAME BRAND" clothes in your ad, I expect clothes from this century. No one wants to buy a baby pair of Jordache jeans just because they were cool back in the Clinton administration. And is inflation a bitch!? You know you're cheap when you say "7 dollars? Aw naw. Where's Honey Boo Boo shop, maybe I'll go there". 


  1. I totally agree on rummage sales! $2 for an old style track suit really?
    When I find good ones I always share with friends!

  2. I just googled "Are Jordache jeans cool?", and here's what going on with the brand nowadays: "They've got hotels. They've got nightclubs. They own an airline." Fuck yeah, Jordache jeans brand!