Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Learned Wednesday-5/8/13

 I learned this week that the real terrible two's are a horrible myth. The same myth that says morning sickness only happens in the morning. Both myths being bullshit. The girls turned 18 months old the other day and are having numerous daily meltdowns. Teag's meltdown #4 was due to her feeding Caroline a Cheerio. She must not have seen the 347 other Cheerios on the table and the floor. I also learned that no matter how awful you think your situation is, how frustrated you get or how crazy you think you are becoming, someone will remind you that they have been in worse situations and things will get worse. "Just wait...", they say. Well I say, just wait until I destroy you.
Ah, nerds. I've always had a deep seeded hatred towards them. I know they can't help it, being nerdy and all. But I think I've realized why I've loathed them for so long, why they make me physically angry. Because I AM ONE (and everyone secretly hates themselves for some reason). The first step is admitting you have a problem. And I have a big one. I am obsessed with "Doctor Who". Obsessed to the point where I might be a fangirl. A sign that the apocalypse is upon us I suppose.  


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