Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1st Convo with my 1.5 Year Old

Destroyer of Life
I realize that the conversation I had with one of my 1.5 year olds wasn't really a conversation, but I felt like it was the start of something. We were outside and she was on the bottom of the slide. She saw a bug, some sort of small winged thing, and started poking at it. She looked at me with questioning on her face. So here it goes:
Me: It's a bug.
Teags: Bud?
M: No, bug. BuGGG.
T: Bug-ah.
*She starts to poke at it and it's now half squished*
M: Oh no, you're squishing it, Lenny (from 'Of Mice and Men')
*She finishes the job and it's squished*
T: All DONE. (She then just stares at me, like I'm next)
2.5 minutes later, she sees the bug she just squished stuck to the side of the slide.
T: Ooooooo, bug-ah!!
I know everything thinks kids say the funniest things, but I truly think I have my work cut out for me with these two. Good luck to me.

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