Who ARE These People?

I'd say it was about time for some introductions. My name is Tara and I run this joint. Growing up, my mother had a cache of nicknames for me, but the one that stuck with me and is the least embarassing is Tarable T. I doubt she would spell it like that, but for the sake of arguing, I do. I live in a medium size town in Wisconsin (where town sizes range from small, bigger and Milwaukee), which obviously means I love the Packers, cheese and brats. So very stereotypical. I am a full time stay at home mom and a night time part time crisis counselor. Between these two jobs, you wouldn't believe the shit I see. After I gave birth to our twin daughters, I lost most of my self-respect (that'll happen when like 15 people see your hoohah), which left me pretty open and honest about things, which will reflect in my posts. I anticipate you will enjoy my posts and if you don't, you can get bent.

My husband is Brad. He is from the area that we currently live in. He does something with computers, but I honestly don't remember what it is, because it's complicated and dry. That sounds super mean, but it's super true. We've been married for a few years, been together for a few more, feels like a LOT longer. Brad is a typical man who enjoys sports, beer and politics. He annoys the shit out of me every day, but there's no one else I'd rather be annoyed by. No, that's a lie. Bill Murray can annoy me anytime he wants.

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